Why Vivaro Roatan is Roatan's Premier Luxury Vacation Rental



Highlights of Vivaro Roatan's FIVE Star Service:

Cleaning is INCLUDED during your stay.  The pool is cleaned almost daily and an interior clean by our amazing housecleaner will be included at least once during is stay.   

We provide: 


Frequently asked questions:

Why do you charge extra for additional guests?  We are renting the whole property, aren't we?

Our villas can vary greatly in the number of guests, sometimes hosting only one couple and other times 20 or more guests.  We want our homes to be available to every group size and to charge one couple the same as a large group would not seem fair.  So based on the villa, we include from 4 to 6 in the base rate, and then charge beyond that.  In effect, smaller groups are given a discount off of what the normal rate would be.  If you have a larger group, the rates you see for extra guests aligns with our normal rate for the full house and the cleaning and upkeep that go into maintaining and turning over a very large luxury home. 

What about the bugs?

Vivaro Roatan encourages you to bring or buy locally reef friendly bug sprays and sunscreens.  Our favorite is Aegis - all guests start with a bottle of bug spray and we can provide other natural products such as sunscreen and soap bars.  Be careful when you first arrive to get a feel for how the bugs effect you.  Keep bedroom doors closed at all times to keep bugs out.


Can you drink the water?

All three Vivaro properties are on a cistern. The whole house is filtered. In addition at the sink and the refrigerator the water and ice is run through an additional UV filter - you will notice the water is warm.  We drink the water.  Your group should each decide - anyone concerned should drink bottled water.  If you do prefer bottled water you can purchase gallons at the nearby gas station which saves some plastic.

Do you have paddle boards, kayaks?

Vivaro - Beachfront has five paddle boards.
A local shop has rental kayaks and paddle boards - ask our manager. 



We consider Roatan safe. As in our hometown, there is petty theft. We have many layers of security at Vivaro and have had no issues. We are careful to lock every door and close every window when we leave to protect our belongings.



At stop at Eldon's on the way from the airport is a great place to start. Smaller markets and fruit and veggies stands are in West End. The gas station has beer and snacks as well as bug spray, anti itch, antibiotics, etc.